Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You judge, him...let me see

You ask your self about what kind of person you are. Do you find the answer? Some people judge other people by their looks, the way they dress, the way they talk and even the way they behave. But do they really have the right judgment? Well I do have something to say with those things. All of us are uniquely born in this world. Has its own way of thinking and behaving. We’re just in conformity mores, norms, laws, rules and more dos and don’ts in a certain aspect in life. Much thoughts and idealism that we have that we even tried to walk on the surface of the moon. So, then, is it right for us to tell a person or judge him for what he or she is. Or let say we have to tell him or her, that he or she is wrong or bad. Well, even I am like that but not as vulgar as others do.

There was a saying, as it goes “don’t judge the book by its cover” and another also “you’re not allowed to remove the dirt in someone’s eyes when you cannot even remove a dirt in your eyes”. Were those realistic enough that still other people still have a judgmental attitude towards others, or simply ignoring the fact that they have same incapacities and ugliness. It is wrongfully to admit that you are great and wise for if you do you might as well be God for He is only great and wise. Though regarded as the highest form of animal (homo sapiens) but then we still have different levels of understanding and knowledge. Others might have these kinds of characteristics, while others don’t have. That supports that each might have something for them to be regarded as their whole self, while other don’t have for it may not give them something even recognition of themselves.

Also, if it is something that we have that other might not, may also serve that each of us has different purpose why we live. Not supported by anything, on my own understanding, we have lots of well known people. I mean the famous people, like heroes, scientist, presidents and many outstanding individual. But look on a fact why not an ordinary “ballot” vendor (duck’s egg) could be a president of course he may not for aside from the fact that he could read and write, he must have capabilities to run the country. That different aspect of personality and abilities make this one ballot vendor (duck’s egg) has his sole purpose not to be the president of the country, but something he is capable of. And you cannot judge him and look at him so small for he is just a ballot vendor (duck’s eggs). You cannot tell anyone that your great and they are not for you’re definitely not as great as they are, someone does.

You see, someone may judge a person for what he or she is, I know that person might have great insecurity in her or him self that he or she see the different aspect of the other person without even understands his or her own self that he or she is not perfect after all.

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