Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I would like to share this experience to anyone. And hopefully would make a certain impact on their lives after they finished reading.

I used to ride a jeepney on my way home. When I go somewhere else, to school, work, to buy anything or other places in the city, jeepney is my means of transportation. There’s nothing much about riding a jeepney, or what so ever. You meet and see different people, from the common people to middle and upper class. But once I considered as an ordinary day for me, turns out to be something more.

As I’m on way home from work, inside the jeepney stuck in traffic, I notice two young boys. I guess they were about six to ten years old. They were so dirty, worn out clothes, it seems that they have not yet taken a bath and they have a hand made drums made up of hard plastic covering a certain metal or plastic huge tube and it sounds really like a common drums. Since it was traffic, the jeepney was not moving at all and the two boys suddenly jump inside the jeepney and give all the passengers inside an empty white small mail envelope. I was surprised by that sudden act of those two young boys. Though I know immediately what they want on the first place. After giving us the envelopes, the other boy begun playing his drums and the other sings a song, that I know both of them only understand. It’s been a long time I witness such acts of begging by beggars. But these two boys seem to be different. After the performance of those boys, one collects the envelopes. I see some passengers giving centavo coins to the boys, but me, I don’t give them any. After completing their job on us, they sudden jumped off the jeep when the jeepney suddenly stopped again, due to the traffic. And that’s it, when they jumped off they were laughing and dancing for that small amount given to them. They were immensely happy as if they won a lottery.

That experience, if only I own a digital camera, would took photos of them and post it in the internet depicting HAPPY FACES. Honestly I was surprise by their incredible bliss. I felt that I was somehow so insecure about them. I sudden get upset or mad if I didn’t have what I want, I don’t have any cash, or I even just can’t buy my favorite mobile phone. But those boys, wearing worn out clothes, so dirty, and even perhaps haven’t taken any food yet for they need to beg for money for it. They all, so happy, I could see in their eyes. Although I don’t give them anything because I’m thinking that I would not benefit them in the long run. Or they might not buy it with food, but with something else. Another is that someone might have hold of those children, and is making a living out of them. That was my thought on that very moment. Despite that danger they were facing in the streets, those children seems not mind it all, you could see in their deeds and eyes. I just want to be like them in a certain way to be happy at all times, even in times of difficulty and problem. I much blessed than them. I have more than they have. Sometimes instead being thankful, I sometimes complain about myself, the food I eat, the things that I want and other things. But them, even don’t might have not eaten for two days or more, they even had a chance to smile. Contentment seems to be in themselves that hardships may come to them, they were not shaken.

I’m a devout Catholic. After I’ve meet those two boys, I know God is with them. God is there own provider. Besides, Jesus prefer to be with those who is need, sick, and have sinned to help them and show His loving grace. I hope I could see those boys again, and when I do, I might have a better way of helping them.

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