Saturday, June 21, 2008

First Blog: EVENT PHIL

The event that happened few days ago, punch too much blow on the people of the country. Filipino people are almost numb of the issues about kidnapping in the country. Almost every moment in the History of the country, terrorists or kidnapping syndicate, always dominates the pages for kidnapping peoples in certain walks of life. But in events happend few days ago, kidnapping a media personell of a leading broadcasting station in the Philippines, makes a loud noise in the Filipino people especially to the rest of media people. It seems that respect for them tends to deteriorate for such event that they became the target of unhuman acts.
These people, responsible for making us aware of the current event in the country even in the whole world, became the victim of the their own "scope" According the news, government official of southern part of the country are involved in the event, or might have conivance with the abductors। Sad to say if it' s true, or a mere speculations, but it is truly an alarming incident for the government and to all Filipinos.

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